A similar business venture would generally require more than a million pesos in investment.  But with Expresspay’s program, it would only cost a small fraction.  A set-up fee of P150K + VAT is required.  This would include the necessary hardware and software, a month’s printing supplies, comprehensive training, helpdesk and onsite support, and a proven success formula.


Branch Partners can now register unlimited number of members that can purchase all types of e-loads for themselves, their families and friends at huge discounts.   This system also allows these members to sell prepaid loads using one cellphone and their existing SIM card or through their secured web portal.  Detailed transaction reports are provided to the Branch Partner and to every member for

To gain a foothold in the highly competitive domestic remittance market, Expresspay now offers its ExpressRemit services with the lowest rates.  Customers can now safely and instantly send money to their loved ones for as low as P6.00.  More and more savings are provided as the amount of money sent goes higher.

With the continuous support and growth in our transaction volume, we are happy to announce that we were able to negotiate an increase in the discount rate we get for Smart and Sun airtime loads to 13%.  We have successfully implemented this last Monday, July 10.